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Jamub Global Services Limited is an indigenous multinational company that was duly incorporated in Nigeria under the company and allied matter acts of 1990 in 2007 with RC 704395.


Jamub Global Service is the pioneer subsidiary of Jamub Group of Companies, a general contracting firm with the capacity to handle a diversity of jobs encompassing but not limited to supplies, constructions, training, and general professional services. Our rich portfolio of jobs executed over the years is a testimony to our capacity and reliability.


We are known for prompt service delivery, continuous value creation, and product differentiation. We have over the years excelled in services such as consultancy, general contracting, information technology, and training.


The company policy statement stands for total commitment, accountability, and quality management of our operations without compromising health, safety, security, and environmental regulations, as we place high a premium on efficiency of personnel and equipment employability.

Our business concept is to operate a customer satisfaction philosophy; however, the emphasis is placed on commitment to company integrity to compete favourably in the sector of focus.


Our vision: To become a global player in product and service delivery through strategic differentiation, innovation, and value creation.

Our Mission: To meet the evolving needs of our clients by aligning our business model to master strategic challenges in the business world.


Our core value:

Our core value births and drives every of our process. To do much more, you must REST;

R-responsibility: We are sensitive about the interest of all our stakeholders and are obligated to protect it always with unquestionable integrity.  

E- excellence: We provide top-notch service and product by utilizing the best resources and process

S- synergy: Through strategic collaboration with exceptional industry players, we are stronger

T-teamwork: We work as a team towards achieving more and better results.




      Civil Engineering

      Environmental Engineering, HSE Services.

      Structural Engineering

      Fire Engineering

      Construction Inspection

      Construction Management

      Geotechnical Engineering

      Surveying

      Telecommunication

      Consultancy/Training

      Consultancy(M&E)

      Energy Services Management-(Metering)

      SLAs &Outsourcing Services

We integrate these services to accomplish our client project goals. We offer a streamlined management programme (including top supervisory skills and tailored quality assurance measures), State-of-the-art resources, and diverse expertise.




-       In Jamub, our diligence and sufficiency is of God